Scott Wilkinson ... Streaming the SuperBowl

Episode 1667 (18:00)

Scott recently got into recordings of live concerts in 360 reality audio. Scott says it's like Dolby Atmos for audio. very object-oriented. And the sound elements/objects can be placed anywhere in 3D space. You can get those recordings from NUGS.Net. 

Leo watched the SuperBowl 4K60p HDR streaming through the Fox Sports app and it looked fantastic. Scott agrees. There was a minute delay, however. Scott also watched it in 4K SDR via Dish and the Fox regular-stream in 1080p. The differences were remarkable. Scott found that the upscaled signal from Fox looked better than his 4K TVs upscaling. Leo says he thinks this is going to be the future of live sporting events. 

The one bummer though, is that the audio stream was only in Dolby 2.1, while the broadcast stream was in surround.