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Watch Olga from California Comments

Olga is disabled and recently bought the Amazon Smart Oven and it's amazing. It uses convection heat, microwave, roasting. It does everything. The best part is, it's Alexa enabled! 

Watch Chris from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Chris wants to know why surround sound for gaming is different from Dolby 5.1 surround on his headphones.  Leo wonders if the gaming audio is set up to use an app to give surround in the headphones vs. just listening to the system. Scott says that has to do with the bitstream that has to be decoded and the app is required. So if he's watching TV with his gaming headphones, he may not get surround. That's why Leo suggests hardware encoding. Even if he figures out a workaround though, Chris will likely be going to have lag. 

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Watch Scott from Arlington, TX Comments

Kurt replaced the hard drive in his Lenovo laptop and now it won't boot up. It stops at the boot screen. 24 hours later, it booted up no problem. What gives? Leo says that's common and usually results in a hiccup in the BIOS or UEFI. Leo suspects that the battery on the motherboard has failed. Also, underneath the splash screen could show if the computer tried to boot into Windows and failed. That could indicate a faulty hard drive. Leo suspects a failing power supply could also be the issue. 

Watch Navy from Chicago, IL Comments

Navy wants to register a domain. What's a good site to do that? Leo says that (TWiT Sponsor) Hover is a good place. He has most of his domains registered there. One thing though, the pricing of domains has changed. They used to be about $10 a year, by the creators of domain extensions have started to charge more for their custom domains. Another good option is Google Domains. He can get a domain for about $12 a year. The chatroom says that Cloudflare has cost pricing for registration/renewal. So he can get a domain for about $8-11. 

Navy is also having issues with his computer, it won't wake up from sleep mode. Leo says his computer may actually be hibernating, where it saves content on the hard drive and then shuts down. Hibernation is notorious for not waking up properly. Also, make sure the video card settings don't let it sleep. The video card may not be waking up. Here's a shortcut to wake up your video drivers. win-ctrl-shft-b

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Watch Jason from Greenville, TX Comments

Jason bought a new 16" Macbook Pro. But it doesn't come with a DVD drive. Leo says that he can buy an external DVD writer with USB-C for as low as $20. And a third party reader/writer is just fine. He can buy Apple's Superdrive for $80, and Pioneer also makes one which plays blu-ray. But he will need a USB-A to USB-C adapter. 

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary says that the Federal government won't allow the global entry into New York because the state doesn't allow access to DMV records since New York issues licenses to illegals. California, by contrast, sells DMV information to anyone. Leo says that privacy is an issue with DMV records when they sell the data to just about anyone who has money. It's ridiculous. 

Gary wants to know if there's an app or a way to change the color of the font in file explorer. Leo says it should be built into Windows natively. Unless it was taken out recently. Stardock may be able to do it. They are the kings of custom user interface software.

Watch Mike from Cabo San Lucas, MX Comments

Mike watches Netflix with a VPN. Why is it slower? Leo says that a good VPN shouldn't slow him down all that much. So if the VPN is slow, and making it harder to stream Netflix, then try a different VPN or ISP. Also, if you're using a VPN to watch Netflix from the home computer, the upload speed may be the issue. Leo also recommends using PLEX. It uses a dedicated port and will enable him to media serve that Netflix stream, as well as movies. But again, it depends on the home upload speeds.