Should I cut the cord for good?

Episode 1664 (1:48:28)

Micah from Maine

Micah was frustrated with his cable company and left it for DirecTV. But the over the top services are now the same as the cable in terms of price. Leo says that's not by accident. It's by design. You also notice your internet fees are higher as well. Most of us are paying more for data and have bandwidth caps. The irony is, if you go back to the cable company after 30 days, they treat you as a new customer and give you a great deal. But it'll start going up almost immediately. And since most cable companies have a virtual monopoly in a community, there's no competition. 

Micah also says the best case available for an iPhone is a smart battery case. It not only protects your phone, but it extends your battery life by using that battery first.