Scott Wilkinson ... Skin in the Game

Episode 1663 (25:12)


Scott joins Leo to talk about the Super Bowl. It'll be the first one broadcast in 4K HDR. You'll be able to see it on DISH network and DirecTV, Comcast, Xfinity, and Obtise Optimum. Or you can stream it via the FOX App or FuboTV. Fox says you can stream it on Roku Premiere or above, or the Amazon FireTV 4K. Some 4K Smart TVs and the Xbox will also do it. The AppleTV will also stream in 4K, but not HDR because Fox is using HDR10, which Apple doesn't support. But the problem is, Fox is shooting it in 1080p and upconverting it into 4K. Upscaling has gotten so good though, that it'll look great. But the stream will also be at 60p, which both Scott and Leo agree is more important than being in 4K. 

Is now the time to buy a new TV? Scott says yes! There are a ton of deals ahead of the big game. He recommends the TCL 6, LG OLEDs, the Sony X900.

Here's a list of articles on how to stream the big game: