How Can I Convert Portrait Video to Watch on TV?

Episode 1663 (1:46:25)

Dave from Redondo Beach, CA

Dave's friend wants to watch videos she's taken, and there's about 58GB of them. Would DVDs be a good choice? Leo says that DVDs are a technological dead end. He recommends an AppleTV. But she'd need internet access. The benefit would be able to play via Airplay from her Phone. But the videos flip sideways since she shot them in portrait mode. How can he do a batch conversion? Leo recommends Handbrake! It's free and will do all the conversion. But the flipping may still be a problem. The TV is ignoring the orientation information that is embedded by the iPhone. There's also a command-line tool called FFMPEG. Convert to widescreen format with a "door in the middle." Look for FFMPEG Manual on google.