Why is Google Photos Importing Strange Pics to My Account?

Episode 1661 (35:40)

Robin from North Hills, CA
Google photos

Robin uses Google Photos to back up her images and has noticed it's having issues with facial recognition features from younger to older. It'll recognize adults rather easily, but the older images of her kids not so much. Leo says that Google's facial recognition measures many physical facial features and it may be that younger to adult represents too much of a difference to connect the dots and recognize them as the same person but as an adult.

Robin is also noticing some strange photos that have been uploaded to her account with some strange language comments. Leo says that it could be syncing a folder that she isn't aware of from her phone. Also, check out the image's metadata. And turning on 2-factor authentication to protect the account won't hurt either. It may also be that Google Photos is syncing from another Windows PC. So check that as well.