How Do I Remove a Browser Hijack in Safari?

Episode 1661 (1:08:40)

Sean from Woodland Hills, CA

Sean's wife has Mac she recently upgraded to Mojave, and after updating to a "new flash player," she's now having problems. First, her Safari browser has defaulted to the BINGĀ search engine. Leo says that BING isn't too bad, but it's clear her browser has been hijacked by a browser hijacker or "launch demon." And if her search engine has been changed, there's a good chance other things have happened as well. Check browser extensions to see if there's anything nefarious there. But it would also be a wise idea to reinstall the Mojave macOS, and if she's doing that, she may as well as an upgrade to macOS Catalina. ButĀ 32 Bit apps won't work on Catalina. She can also just make a new system folder.