Has My Cable Router Been Hacked?

Episode 1661 (2:13:00)

Charles from Virginia Beach, VA

Charles bought the CM1000 cable modem and a Netgear ORBI Router. But he's heard of a hack in cable modems. True? Leo says that there is a vulnerability called "cable haunt" that will allow someone to take over a cable modem. And there's no fix because the cable internet company doesn't want to do it since it'll take the internet down while they fix it. Additionally, the cable company wants him to pay for customer support every month to fix it. Leo says he has to keep putting pressure on the cable company to fix it. There is a workaround though. What he will need to do is go into the cable modem's spectrum analyzer and he will see the flaw. It's in port 8080. So he has to block port 8080 in the firewall to fix it. But Leo's tried it and hasn't been successful. And it's a short term fix at best.