Has My Bank Account Been Hacked?

Episode 1654 (1:47:22)

Ding from San Rafael, CA

Ding got a notification recently about a Zelle transaction and wants to know if his bank account has been hacked. Leo says that unless they have your bank information, they can't. Signing up with an email account won't really do anything. But if one suspects something has happened, it may have been a keystroke logger or someone that stole information, but it's unlikely. If he is running Windows 10, then he should run Windows Defender, updating it regularly. There's no need for a third party AntiVirus. And he may want to change the bank account, demanding 2-factor authentication. Also use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. It may also be a good idea to backup data and then reinstall Windows 10 from a known, good source.