Scott Wilkinson ... Streaming the Year's End

Episode 1652 (21:20)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about home theater and how well Tuba Christmas went. Scott says they had an audience of over 1,000 this year, and it was a marvelous yuletide celebration.  There was even one group that tailgated in the parking lot before the concert.

With the holidays comes the end of the year, and Scott wanted to look back on what we saw in home theater. 4K TVs are so widespread now, that you can't really find anything less that isn't a low-grade model. Streaming is also now just as widespread. 4K Blu-ray is the norm. So content is everywhere in 4K. Additionally, 65" is the average size people buy, as prices have fallen dramatically. 

Also, everyone has a streaming service.