Scott Wilkinson ... Calibrated

Episode 1650 (26:14)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott got an email from a listener about a Sony X900F TV and wants to know if he can improve the picture quality and how. Scott says that there's a new disc from Spiers and Munsel called "UHD-HDR Benchmark." It's a 4K Blu-ray that will enable the user to calibrate and optimize their TV to the best possible performance without having to hire a professional. He also wants to be able to control his TV and his soundbar with the same remote. Scott says that is hard to do since their Sony remote is not a universal remote. Leo says you can maybe turn on CEC and it could control your soundbar. Sony calls it Bravia Link. But that may work. You can also use the Apple Remote. Scott also says that the Logitech Harmony 665 is one of the best universal remotes. And it's not very expensive at $40. 

Scott will also be conducting Tuba Christmas 2019, which will be tomorrow at Forest Lawn's concert hall in Burbank. There will be over 100 Tubas playing and it's free. The concert starts at 3pm. Check out