Why can't I use my Microsoft account online?

Episode 1649 (1:07:26)

Gary from Buffalo, NY
Microsoft Account

Gary recently reformatted his hard drive as part of annual maintenance. Now, though, he is having issues using an online database using his Microsoft account. If he uses a different account, it's fine. Leo says that it could be that Microsoft is copying settings the online database doesn't support. And Microsoft is making it harder to use Windows 10 with a local account. Leo also says that the database is misconfigured. Gary also can't use Internet Explorer, which the database requires. Leo says that Microsoft has killed IE, and as such, it's no wonder Gary is having issues. It sounds like the city IT department is obsolete and in over their head. If you're still using Internet Explorer, you can try clearing the browser history and cache completely. They may be using an old cookie, which is no longer supported.