Sam Abuelsamid ... Crated

Episode 1649 (22:38)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about electric vehicle news. The news from the Ford Mustang E is that Ford has sold out of their preorders. 

Also, you can buy a complete electric motor in a box these days. Known as a crate engine, it allows you to replace your car engine and drop it into a vehicle.  They've been doing it with gas-powered engines for years. But now, you can easily convert your car into an e-vehicle. GM is working on an e-Crate motor that will go into their catalog within a year. The kit has two Volt motors and batteries, which provide 450 HP. They have the same mounting points as well. Sam says it's going to be very popular with car geeks looking to electrify their classic cars.  No word on price just yet, but with a battery pack and motor array, probably around $10-15K, which same will be in the neighborhood of a top of the line gas crate engine.