Johhny Jet .... Great Travel Gifts

Episode 1648 (1:21:50)

Johhny Jet

Johnny Jet is back with some great travel tips. With shopping services in full swing, JJ wants to talk about great gifts for your favorite traveler. Black Lane limousine service also has a travel concierge service, which will help those who are skittish about travel from door to door. They will literally walk you through everything up to gate check, and that can be very comforting. Available at 500 airports, but it does cost $200 per person per airport. But that would make a great gift.

Another more affordable gift is a mobile phone jack audio splitter. It's great for sharing your mobile screen without bothering someone else. Leo says there are even 5-way splitters that will enable users to share audio for under $10. Leo also says that a luggage scale can really help to keep your luggage under an airline's weight requirements. Johnny Jet has one as well. Johnny Jet says it's also important to know how much an airline charges for overweight or additional baggage before you get to the airport. TIP - Varry a duffle bag that you can fold and keep in your luggage for whatever you bring home.

Scott E Vest offers up to 30 pockets for you to put your gadgets in, including your laptop!