Should I buy a NAS or repurpose an old iMac with Plex?

Episode 1647 (2:13:10)

Brian from Pittsburgh, PA
WD 8TB My Cloud EX4100

Brian recently bought a MacBook Air. He wants to know if he can repurpose his old Mac as a server to run Plex. Leo says that Brian's old dual-core iMac isn't super fast, but you can run Plex on an Atom processor, so it'll work on that iMac, but it may struggle with 4K. In that case, getting a dedicated NAS, like Synology, would be a better option. You'd also have a lot more storage space. It'll also sit and a closet out of the way. You'll also have to fit drives into it. So that'll be an extra cost. But if you don't want to spend the money, Apple has its own server software that works well. Old computers make great servers. It's a great way to give them new life.