Is there a tablet with a built in projector?

Episode 1645 (2:04:26)

David from Temecula,CA
Google Pixel Slate

David is looking for a tablet that he'd like to have a projector and can "cast." Leo says that Lenovo had one running Android 6 in 2015, and there were the mini pico projectors. Everyone thought it was the next big thing, but it really hasn't taken off and it drifted away. Even Google gave up on a Chrome tablet moving forward. The last one that they still sell is the Google Pixel Slate. But it's not cheap.

Leo says that Dave is going to have to get a dedicated projector probably. The bottom line, projectors generate a lot of heat when illuminating a projector bulb. And smaller pico style projectors just weren't that bright. 

A better option is a projector you can connect to via HDMI or go with a large LCD TV that you can Chromecast to with a laptop. There are plenty of convertibles from HP and Acer. That would give you the best of both worlds.