How Can I Record Live Conversations?

Episode 1644 (1:33:55)

Jonathan from Pittsburgh, PA

Jonathan wants to record the conversations he has with friends. Leo says that mobile phones are great for that. He can not only record with decent quality, but he can also trigger it with a smartwatch. Apps include Just Push Record, but every phone has an audio recorder built-in. But remember, recorders need permission from anyone else they are recording. 

Jonathan also wants to be able to put a screen saver on his AppleTV with views of the earth. Leo says that AppleTV does just that. He just has to turn it on. Is there one that works in real-time? Leo says no, but it's pretty close. 

He could build a device using a Raspberry Pi that has an HDMI connector. Then he can create an app that will rotate a slideshow of live satellite imagery it finds online.