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Watch Elizabeth from Palm Desert, CA Comments

Elizabeth wants to get a new computer but wants to save money. Which budget computer should she look at? Leo says that a Chromebook or a Chromebox is ideal for her because she can use her existing monitors (with the ChromeBox) and it's ideal for most of the things we do today online. Liz doesn't have WiFi though. Leo says that if her computer is next to the modem, that's not really an issue. But she'll be chained to your desk when doing things. That's why a WiFi router/modem combination would be better. 

Watch Blackie from Needles, CA Comments

Blackie would like to create a surround sound system with a minimum of wires. Doable? Scott says that there are wireless systems that work quite well. He'd probably still want to wire the front speakers. But the surround speakers and subwoofer can be wireless. Vizio's soundbar as a dedicated wireless subwoofer and surround speakers could work. But they'll need to be plugged in or be connected to the subwoofer, which would be in the back of the room.

The chatroom says he can even get a wireless adapter for the AV system and user wired speakers. Leo says to look at the Vizio system. It'll give the most bang for the buck. 

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Watch Charlie from Hanover, MA Comments

Charlie says that his old iPhone 6S is losing battery life. Leo says that the phone is just plain old. The batteries of mobile phones usually handle about 500 complete charges. After that, they start to degrade quickly. Unfortunately, Apple's $39 battery replacement deal has passed, and as such, it'll cost over $100 to get it replaced. 

He bought a battery from Amazon, but the phone says it charges less. Leo says he might've bought a counterfeit battery from Amazon. Go to Apple. Pay the $100 and let the genius replace it. It's worth it. 

Charlie would like to start podcasting. Leo says that the easiest way to start a podcast now is with Anchor.FM. He can start with a smartphone and Anchor will store it for free. Owned by Spotify.

Watch Derrick from Southern California Comments

Derrick can't listen to his AM radio in his truck because when it's hot and he turns on his AC, the noise that comes out of the radio in unbearable. Leo also says that a lot of electronics can generate a radio signal and he needs shielding to block out the interference. Sounds like that fan isn't shielded correctly.

Watch Tommy from California Comments

Tommy bought a Google-branded Chromebook. Leo says that he can get 12 hours battery life on that Chromebook and it's incredibly secure. He pays a bit more for Google's brand, but they are well-built, will always be updated, and offer great security.

Watch Gary from Cheektowaga, New York Comments

Gary needs to turn off his T-Mobile modem and reboot it sometimes because it slows down until it's almost unusable. So rebooting it gets it back to high speed. But it will eventually slow down again. Leo says it's a very common problem with routers. Leo thinks it's because the router overheats. But it could also be a crashing modem. Look for a firmware update.

 Leo says that will happen because he has to reboot the smart plug as well. What he needs is a BlueTooth-enabled smart plug that will let him do it with a phone. GE makes one called the GE Bluetooth Smart. It will also use Wi-fi.

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Watch Jonathan from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Jonathan wants to record the conversations he has with friends. Leo says that mobile phones are great for that. He can not only record with decent quality, but he can also trigger it with a smartwatch. Apps include Just Push Record, but every phone has an audio recorder built-in. But remember, recorders need permission from anyone else they are recording. 

Jonathan also wants to be able to put a screen saver on his AppleTV with views of the earth. Leo says that AppleTV does just that. He just has to turn it on. Is there one that works in real-time? Leo says no, but it's pretty close. 

He could build a device using a Raspberry Pi that has an HDMI connector. Then he can create an app that will rotate a slideshow of live satellite imagery it finds online. 

Watch Gifford from Duarte, CA Comments

Gifford is getting a new Mac but he also needs some storage for his 6TB of data. Is a Drobo a good option? Should he build a Hackintosh? Leo says that's a fun project, but it'll never be as reliable as a bonafide Mac.

As for the online storage, Leo recommends getting a smaller SSD to house his OS and apps, and then go with Thunderbolt 3 or USB 4 (next year) to connect storage. A Drobo will work, but so would network-attached storage (NAS) system like from Synology. It's a better solution for what Gifford wants than Drobo, but both will work. Synology also has media server software if he wants to keep movies at the ready.