Why can't I boot up my computer?

Episode 1641 (1:53:12)

Gloria from North Hollywood, CA
Windows 7 (Upgrade to Windows 10 soon!)

Gloria's Windows 7 computer "went out" recently. It seems to be stuck in a boot loop. Rich says a software update may have broken your computer. Rich suggests going into safe mode and see if it will boot up. Use the F8 key when it's booting up. If it does, then that indicates a corrupted driver. Maybe a video driver. You can also bring your computer into a nearby Microsoft Store and they will run diagnostics to see what's going on. But with Windows 7 reaching End of Life in January, it's time to think about getting Windows 10. Rich also recommends looking at a Google Chromebook. For most people, about 99% can get by on the Chrome browser. And they're much cheaper than buying a new Windows PC.

Gloria is also working on getting her first website with Verizon's Visible website. What phone? Rich recommends either the iPhone or the Google Pixel 3A.