Johnny Jet and the 3D flight

Episode 1640 (1:07:05)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Rich to talk travel. Johnny Jet says that the Companion Pass on Southwest is one of the best deals in travel, where you can bring a companion for only the cost of tax and fees. But you need 125,000 travel points to qualify effective Jan. 1.

United Airlines is spending a lot of money on technology and will let you rebook a canceled flight right within their app. Johnny always recommends downloading the airline app and enable notifications. United is also giving passengers a 3D look of your seat within the app as well. They are starting with the CRJ-550, with more planes to follow. 

Signup with ExpertFlyer and get a seat alert when your preferred seat becomes available. It's $10 a month, but if you fly a lot, it's worth it.

The launch of the Lyft/Uber zone at LAX was a bit rough, Johnny says. But waiting times are going down as they fine-tune it.