The Giz Wiz and the Smart Selfie

Episode 1638 (2:01:50)


Pictar has devised a totally different kind of Selfie Stick. Recently the CEO of Miggo / Pictar, Rafy David, came by the Gizneyland studio to give us a look at how it works. The company says that the Pictar Smart Stick is the world's most advanced selfie stick with a 6-button control panel built into the handle. You'll be able to perform a variety of useful functions even when the stick is fully extended. You can control the tilt of the phone relative to the stick to determine the perfect shooting angle, use the zoom function, adjust image brightness, switch between the front and rear camera and many other functions. The easy-to-use Pictar app offers 20 shooting modes for taking better selfies in any situation. It features a rechargeable battery and comes in 3 fashion colors. The Smart Stick works with the latest iPhones, Galaxy phones 6 and up, and Pixel phones. Looks like my LG G7 is left with a plain only non-automatic selfie stick! MSRP is $69.99, and it will available later in October 2019.

Giz Wiz Video  

It's at BH Photo $69.99 - shipping later in October. 


Pictar website