Chris Marquardt .... five things

Episode 1637 (1:09:27)

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that there are five things you can do to practice your photography:

1. Fifty Steps/Fifty Photos. Chris says to walk fifty steps and then take fifty photos.  This will challenge you to look at a scene from various angles.

2. People/No People. Take pictures for one hour without people in a touristy area. Then try going to a remote area and take only pictures of people. It's a great challenge.

3. Fill the Frame. For one hour, shoot only things that completely fill your frame. Then overfill the frame, going even closer. 

4. Tabletop exercise. Take pictures of random stuff on your desk. Put your camera on the tripod and make it look random when you take the pictures. To make something look truly random is hard.

5. The Movie Poster Exercise. Take photos that would look like a movie poster. 

Our next photo assignment is - GOLDEN. Take a photo of, about, or otherwise concerning the concept of "GOLDEN" and then post it to the Tech Guy Group on Flickr. Make sure to tag it with the word "GOLDEN" as well! And if Chris likes it, it could end up on next month's photo contest review segment!