Johnny Jet ... Mic'd Up

Episode 1636 (1:07:11)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet got back into the air this week, after a 2-month break for the birth of his second child. Flying on American, Johnny Jet says that the airline company has terrible management and only pays their flight crews when the door has been closed. Travel Tip - Bring a bag of chocolate for the flight crew. They'll appreciate it.

Also, put the airline's app on the phone. They will alert you the second the first boarding pass is scanned that boarding is happening. The in-flight entertainment system is also available only through the app, and after you board the plane, it's going to be costly to download the app. So do it in advance to your mobile devices.

Website of the week - These days, every hotel is charging resort fees in a way to avoid third-party booking fees, and they will charge them, even if all you're doing is spending the night. It's RIDICULOUS. Leo says they are raising the room close without disclosing it. Making you think your room rate is cheaper than it actually is. And they won't really tell you about it until you check out. Which is criminal.