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Watch Lenaea from Carlsbad, California Comments

Lenaea is looking for a new PC to use with two 60Hz televisions. Leo doesn't recommend using a television as a computer monitor, as TVs aren't generally designed to be used with computers. It can be hard sometimes to read font or text on televisions if you're reading a news article or post.  But with technology becoming more advanced within televisions, you can do it if you choose. 

Twistedmister in the chat found an article about Chrome Subsampling that would help with the television.

Going back to the PC, most PCs with a modern graphics card will do as long as it has an HDMI port, which is standard on televisions. 

Watch Diana from Beverly Hills, California Comments

Diana is having issues with her iPhone 6S+ camera after the Apple Store updated her phone to the latest supported software, has had notifications popping up more frequently, and wants to fix it to continue using it. Leo says you can uninstall the apps on your phone to clear up space & anything that would be bogging down the use of your camera. You can also disable notification popups within your apps, but you will need to do it manually with each app.

Diana at this point is looking to a new phone that is simpler, has fewer applications, and possibly no camera app. Leo says, unfortunately, all iPhones will have pretty much the same apps and the same camera app. A tablet is another good options though, Diana can go with an iPad that starts around $300. 

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Watch John from Gastonia, North Carolina Comments

John is having an issue with his first-generation Apple Watch, where during a hot day during the summer, the whole face of the Apple Watch was becoming detached from the device. Leo says that's because of the lithium-ion battery within the watch, due to the heat. The battery can swell up due to age, defect, or heat, and eventually explode. Leo says that John might be able to take it into the Apple Store and get it replaced for free. But since it's a first-generation Apple Watch, Leo is not sure what Apple will do. But if John is friendly about it, Apple may replace it regardless.

Watch Michael from Encino, California Comments

Michael is wondering about the minimum requirements for a computer to watch streaming TV online. You don't need to worry about that as much Leo says as most computers can do it easily. If the Roku or Amazon Fire TV USB sticks can do it on a small device, then almost all computers or laptops now and days can stream online video content. 

Watch Paul from Columbus, Ohio Comments

Paul is looking for recommendations for an after-market backup camera to install onto his wife's car. Leo suggests going to and look at what they recommend. On their site, they recommend the Accele backup camera. Another one is the Look-IT Backup Camera.

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Watch Duke from Redondo Beach, California Comments

Duke is looking to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 without losing his data when he does so. Leo says you can upgrade to Windows 10 from within your computer running Windows 7 without losing your data or having to backup it up. Alternatively, you can do a clean install of Windows 10 by downloading the Windows 10 installer from Microsoft onto a USB drive. 

Duke is also wondering which service he should use to back up his data to the cloud. Leo recommends iDrive, who is a sponsor of The Tech Guy radio show. 

Watch Grant from St Paul, Minnesota Comments

Grant is interested in a Virtual Reality desktop experience. Microsoft was looking to push that idea with their Hololens for VR, but Leo believes they are backing off on that idea as people believe there's still a ways to go with VR. Having to wear VR goggles for so long can potentially make you sick and that you can't see the world around you. Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality as Microsoft is calling it, is a possible fix around Microsoft is pushing since it overlays information onto your display while enabling you to still see the world around you. In the end, it's not fully there to have a true Virtual Reality desktop experience, but things are still being developed slowly.

Watch Rich from Worcester, Massachusetts Comments

After upgrading his iPhone 6S+ and his son's iPhone 7 to 13.1.2, Rich's phones began to get a bunch of old email notifications from Apple's mail application. Leo thinks it could be something within his iCloud client that's causing his phone to popup old email notifications, so it's best to check there. It is also possible that during the update to 13.1.2, the update could have done something to the iCloud application on Rich's phones. Unfortunately, when these issues occur with the app on the phone, it can be reflected in the iCloud client. If everything checks out fine within iCloud, then it could be just the email data stored on the phone became corrupted. Just need to reindex & rebuild the emails on the phone, and it should fix itself that way.