The Giz Wiz and the Jooki

Episode 1634 (2:14:20)


Jooki is a music player that lets kids play parent-approved music and stories from Spotify & more. It comes with 5 characters (like fox, whale, etc.) that link to various playlists. When a kid pop one of them in the center ring of the Jooki, it starts to play the music, story, etc., that has been uploaded to that character. The company says there's 8-hour of battery life (there's no screen to suck up battery juice), which means very long playtime outdoors or on the go. There's a small amount of onboard memory but there's an SD card slot to add more. Strangely, that is listed as 32GB Max, although for audio files, that's quite a bit. There's also a headphone jack and airplane mode so the kids can entertain themselves quietly. You can set quiet times when the Jooki won't play anything, and you can even set a volume level for your kids. You can turn off parental controls to use Jooki as a wireless speaker with premium sound quality. Dick says that the sound was very good, but then again, the retail price is a penny under the $200 mark. At CES earlier this year, in the Educational Toy Category, it was awarded Best in Family Tech. On Amazon, as of 9/20/19, there were only 37 reviews so far, but it got a very decent 4.4 out of 5 stars. MSRP. $199.99

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