Why does my printer keep clogging?

Episode 1633 (48:21)

Chris from Roseberg, OR
Epson ET3600

Chris has bought 4 Epson printers, and the blue always stops printing after awhile. It keeps clogging, even though he prints a lot with it. Leo says that inkjet printers clog if you don't use them regularly. Leo says that if you're using official Epson ink, you shouldn't have a clog. But if you're buying your ink from Amazon, it's possible that you purchased counterfeit ink. So be sure you're buying your ink from an authorized Epson retailer. But it could also be a defect, so Leo advises contacting Epson directly. 

Chris also wants to know if there are "candy bar" phones anymore, where the hard keyboard slides out. Leo says not anymore. The last one was a few years ago. But you may want to try the swipe feature on your phone; it's pretty good. From the chatroom, there are several phones still available with a hard keyboard. Check out this article - https://thedroidguy.com/2019/09/top-9-android-smartphones-physical-qwerty-keyboards-87556