How can I create a slideshow of my photos?

Episode 1633 (1:58:08)

Doug from Roseberg, OR
Corel PaintShop Pro

Doug just got back from vacation and would like to turn their photos into a slide show with titles and music, as Google photos doesn't do it. Leo says that it used to be a thing that Google would do. Any presentation manager would, like Apple Keynote or Microsoft Powerpoint. Corel makes the best one though: Corel PaintShop Pro Photo. But you can also use Corel Video Studio to do it. Here's how - Microsoft has a free app called SWAY as part of MS Office. It's free at It's free and is sharable online.

A smartphone app can do it as well, such as iMovie for iOS.

Scooter X in the chatroom says to check out these free apps -