Can I be spied on with a device I buy from China?

Episode 1633 (1:32:47)

Allan from Washington
ORICO 4 Bay Hard Drive Docking Station

Allan recently bought a hard drive docking station from a manufacturer in China. Is it secure? Leo says the reality is that everything is made in China, or South Korea. China has become the factory to the world, and many are worried since spyware has been found in the past. The government has even warned that companies like Huawei aren't secure and could be owned by the Chinese Government. But even if they aren't, they have to follow the rules in China. So it comes down to whether you're someone spies can benefit from. It's called the "Threat model." Odds are, you aren't a target. But if you work for a company that is, then you may be. The reality is that nobody is going to put a firmware hack into a device like that. It's a reasonable question, but Leo says Allan has no real cause to worry.