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Episode 1632 (2:05:10)


The company says you can travel in style and enhance day-to-day life with the ATTO, the most advanced foldable mobility scooter in the world! Founder of Moving Life, Nino Ransenberg, who was diagnosed with polio, has been using mobility scooters all his life, but never felt they really met his needs. As an entrepreneur he wanted to have something that would serve him in his busy business schedule as well as his travels with his family. Introducing ATTO - Moving Life's foldable mobility scooter. When folded, ATTO easily fits in the trunk of any vehicle, including mini cars and taxis. ATTO can also split into two parts that fit in the overhead compartments of most commercial airplanes. When opened, ATTO is a full-size scooter with an attractive and eye-catching design. Top Speed 4 mph. A 4- to 5-hour charge delivers up to 10 miles of continuous driving on average. Maximum incline: 6 degrees. It can be used to get out of the rain, but not for use IN the rain. A maximum weight allowance of 220 pounds. ATTO’s weight, not including the battery, is – Front half: 26.4 lb (12 Kg) Rear half: 35.7 lb (16.2 Kg) Assembled: 62.2 lb (28.2 Kg) The battery weighs 4.1 lb (1.85 Kg). Prevue price as of 10/4/19. $2799.00. 

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