Do I Have to Still Run as a Standard User on Windows?

Episode 1632 (56:50)

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey wants to know if he still needs to run Windows as a standard user, rather than an Administrator. Leo says he used to recommend that tactic, and he can still do that. It won't hurt anything. However, Windows and Mac have fixed this with UAC (user access configuration) features. This way, users have to type in the Admin password to do anything that could get into trouble. 

Thoughts on the iPhone 11 camera? Leo says it is very good, but it's about to get better with Deep Fusion. That'll be out in a few months. That will expand the power of computational photography to improve the image. But Leo also says that Google Pixel 4 will be out in about 10 days, and it'll compete head to head with Apple on the computational photography space.