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Watch Mark from Pasadena, CA Comments

Mark wants to get a Chromebook or a small, cheap laptop. Leo says that he's a big fan of Chromebooks, and for most users, it's a very good choice. Most people buy a computer that is too much for their needs. The beauty of ChromeOS is that it's very secure and inexpensive. But it always has to be connected to really do what users need to do. HP makes a really good Chromebook. Leo recommends only using Google Chrome on a computer for a week, and see if it is tolerable.

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Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey wants to know if he still needs to run Windows as a standard user, rather than an Administrator. Leo says he used to recommend that tactic, and he can still do that. It won't hurt anything. However, Windows and Mac have fixed this with UAC (user access configuration) features. This way, users have to type in the Admin password to do anything that could get into trouble. 

Thoughts on the iPhone 11 camera? Leo says it is very good, but it's about to get better with Deep Fusion. That'll be out in a few months. That will expand the power of computational photography to improve the image. But Leo also says that Google Pixel 4 will be out in about 10 days, and it'll compete head to head with Apple on the computational photography space. 

Watch Tony from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Tony has a TIVO Bolt and like Leo, he's getting the "red rainbow of death." He thinks it may be the power supply. Leo says he's already replaced the hard drive, and it's been booting up for five days. So a $25 power supply from WeakKnees may be the next best solution. 

Watch Grant from St. Paul, MN Comments

Grant wants to only hear his headphone sound in mono because he's only got good hearing in one ear. Leo says that PopOS has only Surround and Stereo. But there's bound to be a mono sound driver online somewhere. Probably the easiest way would be to get a hardware option. People used to be able to get one at RadioShack. But sadly, that's in the past. Doctor Mom says that he can make headphones mono with an adapter from Monoprice. Here's how -

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Watch Dan from Orange County, CA Comments

Dan signed up for a VPN recently, and he can't use it with his banking, Netflix or other apps. Leo says that the bank is probably blocking it. VPNs can break IP-based authentication. BBC iPlayer, for instance, blocks VPNs, because you're not paying for the TV license fee. Netflix does it because it doesn't want another region to be watching content that isn't available for licensing reasons. Banking activity is encrypted, so you don't really need a VPN for it. Google has also been pushing for HTTPS encryption with every site, so if every site is encrypted, there's no real need for VPNs. Another way to do it is DNSCrypt. But that isn't widespread.

Watch George from Palmdale, CA Comments

George would like to get local weather on his Apple Watch Series 5. but it doesn't work. Leo says that George may be using the wrong complication. He wants Weather Temp. He also wants to be sure he opens up the location services for it to function. Leo also uses a third party weather app called DARK SKY. Leo also says that in iOS 13, it can report how often he's getting location access. So make sure it has the location settings turned on. And if the watch isn't LTE connected, then he won't be able to access the weather service. 

Watch Bill from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Bill wants to get his first smartphone. He's been using a flip phone. Leo says that a smartphone really isn't a phone, so much as a computer in a pocket. So if all he wants is to make phone calls, a smartphone will be pricey overkill.