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Watch Sandy from LA, CA Comments

Sandy's iPhone 8 Plus is starting to touch lag severely. Is Apple deliberately slowing it down to get her to buy a new iPhone? Leo says probably not. But it may be high time to back up her data, wipe it, and finally restore it. Leo says that some iPhones have been recalled in the past for touch lag, but not in the iPhone 8 class. So it's likely it just needs to be refreshed. A new battery is also probably a good idea. Apple has a battery replacement program, for $90. What Leo recommends is going to the Apple Store and talk to the genius. Then see what they think. But she can start first with the reset.

Watch Mike from Highland, CA Comments

Mike needs a good password manager that can also serve as a VPN. Is there any? Leo says he doesn't think that there is one, but that is a great idea. Leo recommends LastPass or 1Password for a good password vault. As for VPNs, there are a lot of options out there, but beware of free VPNs, because to make money, they sell their traffic. So it really isn't all that secure. Leo recommends ExpressVPN. There's also the Tiny Hardware Firewall.

Leo also recommends setting all your major passwords with 2-factor authentication. But even then, there is a thing called "sim jacking" where a hacker can hack a phone number by getting a carrier to send them a new SIM. Then they have control of users' mobile phone number. And from there, they can gain access to any account one has with 2FA. So Leo recommends using an authenticator like AUTHY. 

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Watch Andre from Long Beach, CA Comments

Andre has a budget of about $45,000 for a new vehicle and is looking at a used Model S. Is that a good idea? Leo says that he'll be better off with a Model 3, which is brand new and in the same price range. He's also getting a fresher battery, rather than buying someone else's, which may have reduced battery life. One thing that Leo is concerned about is the health of the Tesla car company itself long term. The real complaint that some are having is a delay in getting parts. Some up to two months and that's not a good sign. But every single person Leo knows who has a Model 3 loves it.  

Watch Bill from Irvine, CA Comments

Bill is an app developer for iOS and he's looking at using Project Catalyst to create them for the Mac as well. Leo says that it depends on the app, whether it makes sense to have a desktop app as well. So it depends on the app. But Leo says that developers are crazy for Catalyst, and it's Apple's "dog food" for writing their own apps in it. So if Apple is using it, it would make since to go that route.

Watch Matthew from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Matthew's stepson wants to become a coder and wants to know how to find out what specs he'll need to create software. Leo says that there's a tool he can use called C# Profiling, which will analyze the app and see what resources it uses, and then highlight how much each process will use. 

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Watch Galant from Jacksonville, FL Comments

Galant wants to know how he can get MS Works installed onto his new laptop. Leo says that if he doesn't have the original disks, it can be problematic to move a program over to a new computer. Works is more than ten years old, and as such, Leo recommends going with a replacement like Libre Office. It's open-source, free, and far more powerful. It's a full office suite and it's always kept up to date. It'll open his Works files.

Watch Charles from Colton, CA Comments

Charles wants to know how he can stop robocalls. Leo says robocalls have become an epidemic and up to 80% of all your calls are now spam calls. It's ridiculous. But there are efforts underway to do away with them. AT&T is working on a new technology called "Shaken and Stir" which will authenticate the caller before people even get the call. AT&T also has an app called AT&T Call Protect. Available on iOS or Android, and third-party apps like NOMO ROBO that can block them. Charles may also want to register his number on the list. Or he could just ignore any call and see if they leave a message.

Watch Leo from Orange County, CA Comments

Leo has an Acer Iconia that he wants to donate. But he wants to wipe it clean first. He erased it and reset it. But is that really secure? Leo says it is. With an Android device, it will erase everything and even if they could get it back, it's encrypted and he won't be able to see anything. 

Watch Ed from Irvine, CA Comments

Caller doesn't care for the RING doorbell and he wants an alternative. Leo says the NEST HELLO is a good alternative. It's made by Google. But he may end up with the same problems of having it not stay on very long. He won't know until he tries it. Others include Skybell. Check out for reviews.