Scott Wilkinson, Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie

Episode 1622 (23:00)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo today to talk about the new initiative launched by television manufacturers to make Hollywood directors happy. Filmmakers complain about "motion smoothing" or "frame interpolation" which can create the "soap opera effect" that makes the image look far too crisp. It takes out the motion blur by adding additional frames to make the image sharper. It's great for sports events, but terrible for movies, and directors HATE it. Tom Cruise and Chris McQuarrie took a break from Mission Impossible: Fallout to make a public announcement, encouraging viewers to turn off motion smoothing in their TV settings. But now, television manufacturers have taken the next step by offering a new "Filmmaker mode." The announcement came from the UHD Alliance, a consortium of TV manufacturers, movie studios, and select filmmakers who established a spec that will disable motion smoothing and other "enhancements" at the touch of a single button. 

According to Vizio, 85% of viewers don't change their settings from their out of the box settings. And that's because options like frame interpolation is buried deep within the menu settings, so you have to hunt around to find it. And it's called something different from TV to TV. So adding a single button on the remote is most helpful.

The new Filmmaker Mode will make its appearance in new TVs at CES in January.