Leo Got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Episode 1620

The phone is out now, in an inopportune time, with the new iPhone coming out in a few weeks, and Google's Pixl 4 coming soon. The Note 10+ has 12-hour battery life, and a three-lens camera - Telephoto, Medium, and very wide angle. It also has a lidar camera called "Time of Flight" that bounces radar off it to create a 3D model or image. 

What makes the Note 10 more interesting is the small stylus to write up notes with. You can even create the notes with the phone turned off. And it does a great job with handwriting recognition. It's almost flawless. 

There's also something called Samsung Desk, which turns the Note into a desktop computer that can connect to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. Leo says that's intriguing, but must people will likely not use it. One benefit is that you can connect it to your Windows computer and Mac (though it doens't work all that well) and it will act as a hard drive device or second screen. It's interesting.

The downside ... it starts at $1100. OUCH. Unless you're a Note fan, though, it's probably overkill