How Can I Remotely Control Devices?

Episode 1618 (1:03:55)

Brock from Bellingham, WA
Fire TV Cube

Brock wants to be able to turn off appliances and lights remotely for his elderly mother. He wants to be able to see her with a Wyze cam and then remotely control devices from where he lives. Leo says that's a great idea. One thing is, that if she has a Fire TV Cube, it's voice-activated, so if she can speak, she can tell the TV to turn on/off and change channels. But if that's an issue, he can change the channel remotely using the Infinity X1. He may also be able to do it with the Amazon Echo, which he can connect to and control using a smartphone. But the FireTV Cube will have it built-in and will be able to turn off all the other devices. Leo also recommends the Logitech Harmony Hub. He can control it via Echo as well.

He could also get her an Amazon Echo Show and drop in on her from time to time.  The chatroom says the Caavo Control Center is also an affordable option. But it does require a monthly service fee.