How Can I Change My Router Address to NAT Type 1?

Episode 1616 (1:24:30)

Chad from Alabama

Chad wants to run a game server on a secondary PS4 so others can play over the internet all over the world. HIs problem is he needs a NAT Type 1 connection to make it work. Is there any way to do it without having a second internet connection from Spectrum? Leo says that there used to be a device called a Hamachi that would do it. Ideally, try taking the router out. It will eliminate a middleman that could assign a Type 2 connection, not a Nat Type 1. Risky, but it could work. Chad can also try DMZ through the router. He can also set up port forwarding. But the Playstation may sense that and see the router anyway. Here's some information on how to change NAT type -

The problem is, that Sony has never really explained what the NAT Type 1 requires.

Chad's wife is about to go overseas on a mission trip. Will her phone work? Leo says that since it's Verizon, it's unlocked and she should be able to with no trouble. It's an LTE phone, which means it works globally. She can even get a local SIM. But that would change her phone number.