Why is my cloud restoration taking so long?

Episode 1615 (1:23:25)

G. Scott from Minnesota
The Cloud

G. Scott installed an SSD into his computer and it's booting up faster by a factor of ten. Leo says that's because of faster drives and that's what SSDs buy you. But he's been restoring up the older drive using OneDrive and it's taking a long time. Leo says that's because it's working in the background. But it's also duplicating files. Leo says that's annoying. G. Scott may want to try using the OneDrive app. It may eliminate the duplication since OneDrive identifies files using a hash. If it sees a different hash, it knows it's been changed. 

G. Scott also wants to know if he can use it as a hyperdrive and use it as a cache. Leo says don't do that. Use your SSSD drive to install your OS and apps. Then use the spinning drive for data. It's the best way.