What tablet has the best voice recognition?

Episode 1615 (1:40:24)

Audrey from West Lake Village, California
Samsung Galaxy S5

Audrey needs a tablet with the best voice recognition, that she can then email to her desktop for cleaning up. Her computer isn't Apple, would an iPad work? Leo says that doesn't matter. Word is about formatting, you can start with an email or even text file and dictate. Formatting doesn't matter. What Leo recommends is using a notetaking app that will automatically sync it to your desktop. Evernote is a good example. Microsoft's OneNote is a great example. All Android devices will use Google's voice recognition and that's excellent. Google Keep as well.

But Android tablets are lagging. The best tablets are the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5. They'll cost the same as an iPad. But they do use OneNote, and it's free since Audrey uses Word already.