What Android phone should I upgrade to?

Episode 1613 (2:07:07)

Debbie from Roland Heights, CA
Google Pixel 3

Debbie's Samsung Galaxy S4 won't work without being plugged in anymore. Leo says that the Galaxy S4 was one of the last ones that you could replace the battery too, and there are third party batteries from Anker and Aukey that you could buy for it. But Leo says it's pretty old now since the Galaxy S line is up to 10 now. So Leo says it's time Debbie got a new model. She could probably get the S9 for a really good deal. What about the Google Pixel? Leo says it has the best camera on the market, though the screen is better on the Samsung. But nobody does better than Google on the camera. The Pixel 3A is also great about battery life. In fact, modern phones will get you through the day now for regular use.  Another good option is the Motorola Moto G9 if you're on a budget. Then there's the One Plus 7 Pro: it's superb with a 90hz refresh rate, giving it a beautiful solid image with an excellent camera. And One Plus doesn't put a lot of extra software on it. They use the OxygenOS version of Android and it's very good. 

But if you like a giant screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be out in a few weeks.