Johnny Jet ... Checking the Tags

Episode 1612 (1:10:50)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about Leo losing his luggage on Alaska recently. Johnny Jet says that using the Airline's app when you travel. Most have a baggage tracking feature that has the advantage of being notified when your bag gets every step through the process. So if it gets lost, you can usually get it back within 24 hours. But if it's missing for 30 days, the airlines usually sell the bags that go unclaimed. That's why it's important to immediately file a claim when you're at the airport. Also, take a picture of your bag as you're checking it, so you can show the rep what it looks like. And get a back that isn't black. Get one that's really colourful and easy to see. But ideally, don't check a bag at all, if you can. Bring carry-on bags whenever possible. You can also gate check the bag, the odds drop dramatically that it'll be lost. 

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