How can I avoid CAPTCHA?

Episode 1609 (1:30:02)

Joe from Clear Water, Florida

Joe is sick of CAPTCHA, which he gets when using Google and his VPN. But not when he uses BING. Can he get rid of CAPTCHA? Leo says that those are in place because there are so many bots online. It's just Google making sure you are indeed a real person online. You can also use, which apparently removes captcha. Check out this link on REDDIT - And also check this out -

Joe also has an old laptop that won't boot up. Leo says it may be a flakey hard drive. Leo recommends replacing that hard drive. If it's old enough, you should be able to unscrew a plate to get to it. Then you can use a Universal USB Adapter from Newertech to try and access the data from another computer. Here's one called AGPTEK Drive Adapter that's only $14