How Can I Turn Off Memory Dump When My PC Crashes?

Episode 1605 (1:08:32)

John from Los Angeles, CA
Windows 10 Laptop

John records music on his laptop, but his software is crashing a lot. When it crashes, it compiles error data for a long time. Can he turn that off? Leo says that John has a 64GB of RAM and that can take a long time. You should be able to turn off the memory dump in the system and security under "advanced." Hit the Windows Key and type startup and recovery. Windows+X select system, advanced, startup, and recovery, then you can turn off the memory dump. Select NONE.  But Leo also says that if it's crashing, it could be that your drivers are corrupted. It may be a good idea to uninstall your recording software and then reinstall it. Update the drivers, as well, if you can. 

Or, you can use a different app. There are plenty of DAWS apps out there, some are open source.