QLED versus OLED, and What is Microlithography?

Episode 1603 (44:03)

Tom from Harrisburg, PA

Tom purchased a new OLED TV and it brought him to do research into the average diameter of an atomic nucleus and cutting circuit lines. Tom wants to know how production facilities are able to cut circuit lines so small and address the wiring grid within so that they don't overlap one another. Leo tells Tom that the process is called Microlithography, which he explains is similar to the idea of silk screening: Painters paint on a screen of silk and then apply ink to it, and the ink goes through the part of the silk that isn't painted. It's a fascinating process.

Also, Tom wants to know what the difference is between an OLED TV and a QLED TV? A QLED TV is an LCD screen with quantum-dot backlighting; it's still an LCD screen at the end of the day.