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Episode 1602 June 22, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny would like to know about re-routing through accidents and bad traffic with his map app. Which ones are best? Leo says that the least helpful are the maps apps in your car unless the car has an LTE connection to get updates. Google Maps has recently added traffic information and rerouting from Waze. 

Leo uses Google Maps for day to day, and usually uses Waze for road trips. And with Google integrating a lot of Waze features, we're starting to get the best of both worlds.

Watch Tom from Leland, NC Comments

Tom is watching TV and he gets pixelation while streaming. When he switches to an antenna, he gets the same problem. What gives? Leo says that's due to the digital broadcast. Digital signals don't degrade gracefully. It just gets bad. And it could be a host of things from the antenna, to bandwidth, to the streaming box. Leo has a hunch it's the service that's streaming the programming to him.

How is YouTube getting such a clean signal? Leo says they may be using fiber directly from a network.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Jody from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jody has a ten-year-old iMac. He saw an ad for a 21.5" iMac for $375 refurbished. Leo says that it's always best to buy refurbished directly from Apple. It may cost a little more, but the peace of mind is better. This sounds like a big corporation dumped a bunch of older machines onto Amazon Renewed for sale. Sounds like a good price, though. It really comes down to what year it is, what OS version it's using, and if it can be updated. A Snow Leopard Mac, for instance, can't be updated to Lion. So it's likely a 2010 machine. 

Leo also says for $1,000, he can buy a brand new one. So it's better to save up a few more months and get directly from Apple. And you could find one in the refurbished section of Apple too. Jody will want Quad Core at least. 32GB of RAM. 

Watch Ruben from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ruben is looking for an alternative to Evernote. They've raised prices for the Premium version. Leo says that he can still do the free version, and he may be able to get by, but it's not encrypted. Leo's alternative is Microsoft's ONENOTE. Leo says it's free on everything and he won't have to have an Office subscription to use it.  Another good one is Google Keep. Keep is interesting because it's like a bulletin board.

Watch Vino from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Vino wants to know how to upload his photos from his laptop to his mobile phone. Leo says that Google Photos is the best way, and it's free. Vino should just download the Photos Sync app and then backup up all the images to Google Photos. Then he can download the app, view them on the phone, and download them from there.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Shane from Roy, Washington Comments

Shane has a 2014 Trashcan Mac Pro and he's having trouble uploading his raw photo files. Would the new Mac Mini handle them, or should he bite the bullet and get the new cheesegrater this fall? Leo says that the new Mac Mini is a great computer and he can max it out for a great price. Leo also says that he will likely slow down the computer when he uses extra cores during rendering. So it's difficult to gauge the specs. It all depends on the workflow.  Also, graphics processors are shouldering more of the load, and as such, it uses less processor power. Additionally, not all apps give the option of using multiple cores. Plus, Shane will want to get the Mac Mini that supports turbo boost. But another issue is that Apple now thermal throttles when the computer gets too hot. 

Should he get more than 32GB? Leo says that performance really doesn't go up beyond 32GB. It levels out. Faster SSD drives give a better boost. He can also upgrade to an external GPU, and that would help more than 64GB of RAM.

Raw processing in Adobe Lightroom is just plain awful. Leo prefers Photo Mechanic, Raw Processor, and then moving it into Lightroom after. 

But if he won't want to invest $5-30K on a pro iMac or Mac Pro, a Mac Mini is a very viable and affordable option. It's the right choice. 

Watch Vicky from Rialto, California Comments

Vicky recently dropped her Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and cracked the screen. So now she needs to get a new phone. She's retired and is on a budget, so what should she get? Leo recommends the Motorola Moto G7. It's about $200, and Best Buy is offering $100 off right now. A great phone with a descent camera. And AT&T may give her a deal to keep business. But don't accept any lesser models.

Watch Greg from Anaheim, CA Comments

Greg is part of an RV club and they'd like a good web-based database to manage contacts, offer invoices, and get out information. Leo says that Capterra is a directory of business software. A really good resource to find the right app for the need. Also, check out

Watch Benny from Pasadena, CA Comments

Benny wants to create a website and wants to know if he should register a domain with GoDaddy. Leo says NO. He hates GoDaddy and their questionable business practices. And there are plenty of other domain registrars out there. Leo recommends HOVER. 

What about web hosts? Leo says that Blogger is free, as is Wix. Leo also recommends Squarespace.