Am I Getting the Right Parts to Upgrade a Gaming PC?

Episode 1598 (1:42:20)

Dave from West Lake Village, California

Dave upgraded his nephew's PC into a gaming PC, but he needs to upgrade the power supply with an 8 pin power cable. He bought one, but will he have issues? Leo says he will be OK if the PINOUTs on both connectors are power only. Don't plug it into a data plug if it's a 4 pin connector. Any issues with installing a new PCIe graphic's card before booting up? Leo says he may have to specify the external GPU in the BIOS, and then let Windows install the necessary drivers. 

What's Optane RAM? Leo says that Optane is Intel's new 3D RAM, but it may also be used as an SSD. So it may be that the motherboard has 16GB of SSD on board and works as a cache for the hard drive. But Dave will still want to get at least 16GB of RAM.