Are Beacons Legal?

Episode 1594 (34:09)

Jason from Lake Elsinore, CA
We Love America

Jason is organizing a festival and wants to get a location beacon so that festival-goers can get where they're going. Is that legal and which one should he get? Leo says they are, but they kinda fizzled out of late. Beacons use Bluetooth LE so they aren't really good outside of a few hundred feet. They're mostly used to communicate information to an app. Most modern phones will support it. Here's a page for Apple about using beacons with the iPhone. Google uses EddyStone.  It wouldn't be good for navigation, but it would be good to update the festival-goers about the schedule. Nobody really liked the popups that would hassle them when they come into the range of a beacon, so they fizzled out.

But what may be a better option is QR Codes. Place QR codes everywhere that people can scan with their smartphones, and then it takes them to a website.