How can I get rid of a browser hijack?

Episode 1593 (1:35:31)

Katie from Long Beach, CA
Microsoft Defender

Katie got bit by malware called Your Transit Info Now. How can she get rid of it? Should she use Malware Bytes? Leo says you don't need to use Malware Bytes. It's a safe and powerful utility, but it's easy to get a faked version of it, and sometimes it can cause even more problems if you don't know how to use it.  And strictltly speaking, Your Transit Info Now isn't malware, it's a browser hijacker called a "Spigot," and it's likely a plugin that's been installed into your browser. And you can get rid of it by looking at the extensions in your browser. Then delete them.  Windows 10 has it's own antivirus software called Defender, and the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (windows key + type MRT and return) you can run that as well. You can use Malware Bytes, just make sure you get it from the right source.