Is incognito mode really private browsing?

Episode 1589 (1:13:36)

Ted from El Paso, TX
Google's Incognito Mode

Ted has some art and photos on a SCUZZI drive. How can he get the data off? Leo says you can get the data off with a SCUZZI to IDE interface. 

He also has a Motorola Moto G4. But recently he's been getting Duck Duck Go in incognito mode when he's using Chrome. Is incognito mode really secure? Leo says that Duck Duck Go is an alternative to Google, but it doesn't save your search activity. If you want to be anonymous, that's a good way to go. But even in incognito mode, cookies are saved, and your data is saved until you exit the browser. But even then, the website or your ISP knows where you are going because they save it.