How can I undelete my music files?

Episode 1587 (1:47:09)

Kevin from Malibu, CA

Kevin has lost over 100GB of music off his laptop. He used torrents to send out his music. Now they've disappeared. The program he used must've deleted the files, thinking he was deleting the torrents when he was done. What can he do? Leo says it wouldn't be unusual for a client to delete seed files when you're done. But how can he get them back? The good news is that Kevin has an old backup, so he only needs the most recent files. When you delete a file, it isn't really deleted. It's just marked available for reuse. So if you act quickly, you can use an app like RECUVA to unerase it. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another good option. In fact, EaseUS is the best, and it's free.