What's a good book on coding for kids?

Episode 1586 (40:48)

RJ from Yuma, AZ
Kernahan and Ritchie C Programming Language Book

RJ is a librarian and wants some recommendations on coding books for kids to learn how to code. Leo says that the issue with books on coding is that they are dated pretty quickly. That's why he always recommends going to Code Academy.  Kids are also interested in learning the languages of the day. But there are some classics including learning Python. The Kernahan and Ritchie C Programming Language Book is a short book, but a classic. How to Design Programs (HTDP) is the most important programming book you can get, and it's free online as well as in publication, along with SICP. Realm of Racket and Land of Lisp are also classics that are designed for high schoolers because they teach you to write a computer game. The Little Lisper or The Little Schemer is another good option.